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Crypto Wild West

Embracing and Navigating the Crypto Frontier

The allure of cryptocurrency is frequently compared to the Wild West, where stories of fortune or doomsday scenarios dominate global media coverage.

Koopi approaches this cowboy analogy uniquely, rejecting luck-based ventures and focusing on tangible opportunities that can fuel a market ripe for growth.

With our unique methodology and partnership structure, we provide essential tools and solutions to the rapidly expanding crypto landscape, mirroring the gold rush of the past by understanding and addressing critical supply and demand dynamics.

Welcome to Koopi, the modern-day provider of pickaxes, shovels, and railroad tracks.



Precise Crypto Solutions

Koopi's in-house solutions, customer projects, and startup incubations all adhere to a strict stakeholder-driven route-to-market strategy, setting a new standard for venture integrity assurance.

What distinguishes us from our competitors is our thorough upfront investment, which includes meticulous research, analysis, and fully detailed turn-key business and project plans presented to our unique decentralized autonomous organization (DAO).

Our DAO model integrates representatives from both venture capital and alliance partnerships, fostering engagement in ventures beyond mere capital seed funding.

All Koopi projects undergo thorough audits and professional KYC certification, which offers investors a secure and transparent investment opportunity, providing genuine value delivery to all stakeholders.


Pioneering High-Quality Decentralized Finance (DeFi) Projects

Koopi provides a comprehensive and refined approach to developing, powering, and supporting new cryptocurrency startups, from conceptual design to market execution.

Every stage of our methodology is aligned with our fundamental principle of fostering innovation and growth while delivering authentic value to every project stakeholder.

Koopi does not rely on chance; we power success-oriented solutions driven by experience, meticulous planning, and a business analytical approach based on the following robust pillars:

In-house Project Development

In-house development led by Nicholas Hrboka, former UNCX (UniCrypt) CTO. Delivering stakeholder centric, third-party turn-key utility solutions. Development goals include pioneering first-to-market solutions, employing a blue-ocean strategy to challenge existing ones, and integrating leading tech through strategic partnerships.

Tailored Customer Development

Tailored solutions operating autonomously across networks such as Ethereum, Solana and Binance Smart Chain. Providing value that extends customer native offerings by incorporating elements such as consultancy, multi-chain contract code, dApps, off-chain to on-chain automation and third-party solution integration.

Full-circle Project Incubation

Koopi invests thoroughly in incubations by applying the identical structure and goals it upholds for in-house solutions. We believe in building successful teams around creative coding talents in the same way that sports teams are built around scoring athletes, while not losing sight of the supportive or defensive roles that comprise a team.

Venture Integrity Assurance

Our methodology is powered by a DAO that facilitates collaboration between alliance partners and seed investors while maintaining strict transparency: It is a comprehensive process that ensures user adaptability, trustworthiness, risk mitigation, and project teams' alignment with stakeholder value and market ethics.

Turn-key Management

Koopi offers comprehensive management services tailored to assist customers in transitioning into Web3, bridging sector disparities and bolstering project teams. Our primary emphasis lies within the Utility, Third-Party, and GameFi sectors, prioritizing stakeholder value to deliver impact on overall project success.

Web3, Media and Marketing

In contrast to traditional industries, Web3 requires marketing across social media platforms such as Telegram, Twitter, and YouTube, all of which lack legitimate public Key Performance Indicators. Koopi provides a 3-tiered network of Key Opinion Leaders and a clear media calendar to optimize exposure and ROI.

Strategic Partner Alliance

Koopi is deeply committed to leveraging collaboration and strategic alliances with partners aligned to our core values, driving innovation and growth in the DeFi sector. Our network goes beyond partnerships; it's a dynamic ecosystem of industry leaders and experts actively contributing to our shared vision of fully advancing DeFi.

Launch Independence

At the core of our ecosystem lies an expert collaboration with launch platforms that offer advice and market insights. Input from multiple partners is integrated into our plans, which are then presented to our DAO. A vote within the DAO determines the final choice of partner and method, ensuring a unique selection for each project.

Community Involvement

Koopi is committed to delivering tangible value to communities, recognizing that each satisfied community stakeholder is fundamental to the success of every project. Our 2024/2025 plans involve sponsoring events, speaking at local meetups, and sharing our vision of DeFi and project success stories on global conference panels.


Koopi proudly works with and for the following partners:

Meet the Founders

Pioneers of Crypto Innovation

Koopi is defined by innovation, strategic collaboration, and sustainable growth, all while maintaining a steadfast focus on delivering genuine value to our stakeholders.


Discover the dynamic blend of talent and experience within Koopi's founding members, collectively providing a comprehensive perspective of the crypto market and leveraging decades of business expertise essential for navigating the complexities of the blockchain landscape.

Timothy (Tim) Harris

Chief Executive Officer

Nicholas (Boka) Hrboka

Chief Technical Officer

Jay (NFThunter)

Chief Operating Officer

Mitch (Tojemi)

Chief Communications Officer


Q1 2024
  • Website
  • Founder KYC Registration
  • 1st powered by Koopi launch
  • 1st Partner Announcements
Q2 2024
  • DAO Formation
  • Partner Alliance Formation
  • Public Token Launch
  • Proof of Concept Launch
Q3 2024
  • 1st DAO vote
  • 1st Full method Launch (in-house)
  • 1st Incubation launch
  • Revenue Share Activation
Q4 2024
  • Full method Launches (customer)
  • Full method Launches (in-house)
  • Full method Launches (incubation)
  • Financial Year Review